Unique and Unforgettable Proposal Ideas
PLUS Locations in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley!

15 November 2022 by Emily Ochi – Pop Celebrations & Events

As the warmer months roll in, so do weddings and proposals! 

With plenty of great dates in this part of the year, why not get yourself ready to pop the question to your partner before the close of 2022? Let’s be honest one of the first questions after getting engaged will be “How did they propose?!”, so let us make sure the story is a good one. Pop Celebration’s mission is to help create a moment which couples will cherish forever and provide you with ideas that your partner will absolutely love.

Time to Propose?

While a wonderful future with your significant other may be a given, there is nothing stopping you from walking into 2023 freshly engaged and telling the unique story of how the proposal went down.

Nothing screams happiness and romance like a loving proposal which has involved some serious thinking on how to make it special. 

Below is a list of some perfect ways to take the next step toward you and your partner’s future and can be carried out at many beautiful locations around Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Just ask us!

There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to how and where to do it, and the below ideas will help you to create that magical moment wherever you are.


Propose in the Great Outdoors - Take a Hike!

If you and your partner are adventure buffs, then popping the question while on a hike could be right up your ally! Not only could this provide breath taking scenery but is also symbolic of the things you enjoy doing as couple. 

Amazing locations to provide the goods could include Mount Tomaree with its 360-degree views of Shoal Bay, with the sunrise to create the perfect romantic lighting. 

Other great locations could include Catherine Hill Bay Jetty, Gloucester Falls or Stockton Sand Dunes.

Hiking proposal quick tips:

  1. Plan your hike around sunrise or sunset for more privacy rather than the peak of activity throughout the day

  2. Whatever you do, do not let go of the ring! 

  3. Don’t forget the other hiking essentials such as water, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing

  4. Having a sneaky photographer at the ready to capture the special moments will ensure you can share the magic with others for years to come (ask us about photography!)

Life's a Beach!

An area with amazing potential to ask for a hand in marriage, is on a scenic coastal beach surrounded by light waves and fresh air. 

With infinite different scenarios that could be built into a special moment including spelling out your love in the sand, enjoying a cheese and wine picnic or even organising a fly over with a special message written in the skies. 

Let your imagination run wild and let us help you to set up one of these everlasting memories in areas such as Catherine Hill Bay Beach, Zenith Beach or Fisherman’s Bay Clifftops and Foreshore. What could be more romantic than a coastal proposal on a serene summer evening.

Check out this amazing beach picnic proposal we did over at Catherine Hill Bay Beach!


Propose Among the Grapevines of Hunter Valley

Another one of our favourite options would have to be making the most of the enriched landscape surrounding local vineyards and estates to create the perfectly picturesque backdrop for those lifelong photo memories of the special question taking place. 

Our favourite wineries and vineyards include Glandore Estate, Bimbadgen Estate, Peterson House, and Leogate Estate where we can help to construct moment in time worth standing still for. 

Picture this, making your way through the amazing scenery to a secluded location where you can pop open some local bubbly and pop the question at the same time. Allow Pop Celebrations to focus on the finer details like the cute picnic table and what should be included on your cheese and wine plate as you bask in the moment with your loved one. 

If you want to kick it up a notch further maybe a helicopter or hot air balloon ride is on the cards, and don’t forget to place your carefully selected ring in the first wine glass your partner is going to grab to add that element of surprise for the occasion. 

Without a doubt that your proposal needs to be special, so let us take care of the details to make it one step better! NOW is the time to book should you wish to have a special date booked in for any time this December or January, spots are filling fast so don’t miss out. 

Click the Book Now button below or send us an enquiry or email at [email protected] and don’t forget to add in any inspirational ideas you may already have. We will be sure to include discreet subject lines on our emails to help you keep it on the down low! 

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