Stunning and scrumptious wedding cake trends for 2023

19 June 2022 by Emily Ochi – Pop Celebrations & Events

Not just a pretty face, a wedding cake is one of the main events of your wedding reception.

 There’s a whole section of the reception dedicated to cutting the cake, taking photos with it, or sometimes even smooshing it into your partners face (thoughts on this?).

There have been some interesting things happening on the wedding cake scene since you last looked. Interesting flavours coupled with equally interesting decorations… or hardly any decorations at all. One things for sure, this isn’t your mum’s wedding cake. Modern wedding cakes have had a huge overhaul and are more customised than ever. Couples getting married in 2023 are choosing some of these options for their wedding in 2023.

Small Wedding Cakes

Let’s be real, by the time the final course has been eaten up by your guests and after countless toasts, most guests don’t really have that much room left for cake. Couples are going for quality of quantity with small wedding cakes in 2023.

Peanut Butter Wedding Cakes

Move over chocolate gateaux! Are you a fan of reeses peanut butter cups? Have no guests with a nut allergy on the guest list? Why not consider this American favourite, peanut butter? The Peanut Butter Cake is pure decadence, rich chocolatey cake layers and a silky peanut butter frosting…yum!

Ruffled Wedding Cakes

Designed to look like couture wedding dresses designed by the likes of Vera Wang or Coco Chanel, ruffled wedding cakes are having a moment. Sugar paste is delicately smoothed out and ruffled to give the wedding cake an ethereal but elegant look.

Nude/Semi-nude Wedding Cakes + Florals

At the end of the day a cake is a cake. If you’re not a big fan of sugary fondant or buttercream throughout the cake, couples are choosing to just go for a nude or semi-nude cake. This means the cake has a layer of crumb coating or none at all (hence, being nude!), giving it a lovely rustic look. Perfect for those boho, rustic or garden weddings to add a touch of whimsy. 

Instead of big sugary decorations, fresh florals are also a big favourite with couples in 2023 when choosing how to decorate their wedding cake. Just stunning!

Geometric Wedding Cakes

Its all about the angles! Think cakes are only round and cylindrical? Think again! Geometrically shaped cakes are trending in 2023. Try hexagons, cubes, triangles…try thinking outside the box!

Geode Wedding Cakes

Need a bit of sparkle added to your cake but not a fan of the gold leaf look? Then look no further than a geode cake. These cakes have been designed to be just like a geode you crack open to reveal the beautiful crystals inside. Your guests will be talking about this cake for years to come!

Cheese "Cakes"

No, not cheesecake… but some of your favourite smelly (or not so smelly) wheels stacked in tiers to resemble a wedding cake! This is such a clever idea for couples who aren’t in love with the idea of spending heaps of money on sponge cake and fondant, but rather artisan cheeses they and their guests actually like, and will eat! 

Have you ever had a cheeseboard at the end of your meal? This cheese “cake” serves to mimic that. Serve it alongside some grapes, figs and candied nuts for those guests who still need a sweet fix at the end of their meal.

So there you have it, some of the 2023 wedding cake trends coming up that you’re bound to see at weddings in the near future. We hope this provides you with some wedding cake inspo so you can go directly to your cake maker and tell them exactly what you want!

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